Project to improve workflow wins funding from NHS AI Lab award


A project to use artificial intelligence (AI) to transform workforce efficiency within hospitals by ensuring that both clinical and support staff are in the right place at the right time has been awarded funding in the latest round of the £140m NHS AI Lab’s AI in Health and Care Award.

The Award enables the testing of state-of-the-art AI technology and these projects will help the NHS to transform the quality of care and the speed of diagnoses.

Navenio is one of 38 organisations to receive a share of £36m in this second round of the award for its pioneering indoor, location-based AI that has the potential to revolutionise workflows and double the throughput of hospital teams.

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock says: “AI has the potential to completely revolutionise every part of how we approach healthcare, from how we diagnose diseases and the speed at which our doctors and nurses deliver treatments to how we support people’s mental health. The 38 projects we are backing reflect the UK’s trailblazing approach to innovation in the healthcare sector.”

One of the few projects that is not clinical-facing, Navenio utilises world-leading University of Oxford research to create indoor, location-based services, solving the problem that GPS doesn’t work indoors without requiring new infrastructure. Navenio will now partner with three existing customers to establish the baseline comparison for the project and then on-board ten further hospitals in two phases:

• Phase one – for logistics teams, including porters and cleaners

• Phase two – extends to clinical support teams, including allied health professionals.

Tim Weil, CEO and Co-Founder of Navenio comments: “The funding will help us accelerate being able to support more teams and patients across the NHS as we look to build on the positive impact that our technology has provided, particularly during the pandemic. Artificial Intelligence is one of many technologies making a real-world impact in the healthcare sector.” 

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