PROMOTED: Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (Oxygen, Air, Vacuum And Much More)


Do you have medical gas pipeline equipment installed in your facility? If so, we would like to introduce to you, our online accessible management software, MyMedGas.

You may find yourself, at times, asking questions such as: 

  • Is my oxygen installation system sufficiently sized to cope with the existing patient demand or a new department extension?
  • What is the status of the medical air system? When was its last service (and how much did it cost)?
  • I need all PPM reports according to HTM02-01 Part B for next week. Where are they? 

BeaconMedaes can help assist with all your piped medical gas system requirements allowing for access to the information you need whenever you need it. BeaconMedaes is a leader in Medical Gas Pipeline Systems within the UK. Many of our customers already have access to a new, digital platform MyMedGas. 

MyMedGas by BeaconMedaes allows you to manage your Medical Gas Pipeline System. Starting from compliance, assets tracing, equipment history and finishing with competence development and 24/7 support. 

Our easy to use digital platform includes different key modules, these include: inventory asset management, monitoring of equipment, maintenance history, reporting and compliance status. BeaconMedaes, the nationwide service and installation organization, combined with MyMedGas is the solution to help organise your Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS) planned maintenance along with monitoring the various systems health to ensure support for your patients when it is needed.

MyMedGas is a great solution to check your equipment compliance, save costs or simply to bring order and clarity to the MGPS assets on your site - request a free hospital survey from BeaconMedaes. 

Equipment survey includes: 

  • Survey of source equipment: air/vacuum systems, gas manifolds, anaesthetic gas scavenging systems
  • Detailed report
  • On-line, 24/7 digital access to survey result via MyMedGas platform –
  • A digital catalogue of installed equipment in your facility, including equipment location, its status, serial number, equipment type
  • Access to digital instruction books, drawings, specification of installed equipment 
  • No additional costs/obligations

We believe all this helps you in asset management.

Request your free survey here 

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