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NEW to the award-winning texture modified range from leading meals provider, apetito, are three new and improved level 4 toasties that hospital caterers can offer to patients living with swallowing difficulties, as a snack or light meal.

Patients can enjoy three classic flavours; Puréed Hot Cheese Toastie, Puréed Hot Tuna Toastie, and Puréed Hot Bacon Toastie.  

The toasties meet all the criteria for IDDSI Level 4 meals and have been cleverly crafted to look just like the much-loved dish which remains a firm favourite and is still seen as the ultimate comfort food across all generations.

apetito’s toasties can be cooked easily from frozen in under 10 mins in the microwave or 30 minutes in the oven and have been specially developed to allow patients who may be living with dysphagia the enjoyment of eating one of the country’s best loved foods.

Speaking for apetito, Rosemarie Hoyle, Divisional Lead, Healthcare, says: 

“We all love a cheese toastie.  And our specialist nutrition team has been working for the last year to develop an improved range which means that patients that require a softer diet, can enjoy toasties, which meet all the Level 4 requirements, yet are delicious, nutritious and retain all the attributes of this famous dish”.

For more details of apetito’s Level 4, new and improved Toastie range, check out: Texture Modified Food for Dysphagia Diets | apetito

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